Limasan in Keramas for WSL

This May the worlds best surfers came to Bali for the 3rd stop on the CT tour (WSL). It all went down at Keramas on the east coast, so we gathered up all our guests and went to watch some incredible surfing. We left Limasan early to make sure to get the most out of the competition, and to get front row seats for the action.

The conditions

The wether was beautiful this monday, clear blue sky and no wind, the waves were close to perfection. We arrived and secured our hang out spot for the day, and ordered in a bunch of over prised coconuts to stay hydrated.

We experienced world class surfing and the competitors really got us to hold our breaths with close back to back heats with long barrels and airs. Some of the most exiting heats was with Filipe Toledo, Kolohe Andino and of course the eleven-time world champion, Kelly Slater.

Kolohe Andino. Photo by: Andy Raberg

Lunch in Keramas

After the final heat we went to have a tasty lunch at one of the local warungs. A beach front restaurant south of Keramas. While we were eating we watched some grommets showing us what the future generation holds.

Over all it was an amazing day with an awesome crew. We really scored the best day to go watch the competition. After a long day of surf and a lot of sun, we went to one of our favorite nearby restaurant, Nook. What a day!

By: Millie Lindeblom