Surflodge Limasan – For the moments you won’t forget

We know that a great travel experience is defined by small and amazing moments. That’s what we strive to make here at Surflodge Limasan. With great waves for all levels you are guaranteed a good time in the water. back at the lodge you have time to chill, play, maybe have a massage or even a yoga class.

Except from surfing, food is a great passion of ours which we want to share with our guests. We combine home cooked dinners at the lodge made from our amazing local chefs, with dinners at our favorite restaurants in Bali, to show you a variety of different cuisines.

To give our guests the possibility of creating more of these small and amazing moments, both in and out of the water, we make sure to share new memories together. We go on excursions, show you our favorite spots and Balis hidden gems. Doing this together with open minded people is totally a part of our passion.

Visit @Surflodge Limasan, for the moments you won’t forget.

By: Millie Lindeblom

Film: Outsight Creations