Surf camp packages for everyone

No matter if you are a novice or already a shredder, we have the right setup for you. Our surf camp packages are covering all your needs. We don’t have any specific starting days, which means you can book your trip on dates that are most suitable for you.

Surfer Package

Our Surfer Package is for those who knows the basics of surfing and want our expert surf guiding. We will make the best of your surfing holiday!

Beginner Package

The Beginner package is for those who want to learn to surf or need to review the basics of surfing. Our courses will take your surfing to the next level!

Yoga Package

Our Yoga package can be combined with both Surfer Package and the Beginner Package as an “add-on”. Yoga will make you surf longer and better!


Surfing in Bali

There are waves suitable for just about everyone from beginners to pros in Bali. Most of the surf breaks are easily accessible by road or boat and you can surf with only a few other people out, sometimes all by yourself.

Our location provides a choice of both west coast and east coast surf, meaning that winds are offshore all year round, creating those azure blue waves that we normally only dream about!


For beginners or novice surfers

Our progressive surfing lessons are for everyone. The Beginner package, developed by us and RipCurl, will teach you how to paddle into waves, stand up, and finally glide across the wave.

Our goal is to have you catch your first wave and stand up on the first day. In a week, the Beginner Package aims to give you all the skill and knowledge necessary to start your life as a surfer.

For experienced surfers

If you already know how to surf, the Surfer package offers everything besides the beginner lessons. Instead we offer you insightful and long experience surf guiding to the confusing potpurri of Bali’s 50+ surf breaks. We also have an exiting quiver of various surfboards to help you find what board works best for you, or if just wanna play around with different shapes!

Yoga classes for all levels

Top up your stay with some yoga classes. Our yoga instructors are experts in several fields and will surely help you surf longer and better! We include 5 classes per week, usually in our garden but also in different serene locations in Bali. The yoga package is booked as an “add-on” to our surf packages so just let us know when you send your inquiry.

What you should expect..

There is so much more to tell about when staying with us. Our misson is always to give you a exceptional holiday, in and out of the water. Here’s a short video that shows you what a week with us might look like.

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