Limasan Surf trip to Bingin Beach

Sunrise wake up call,
 proper breakfast, surfboards neatly stacked on the roof of the car and we are ready to go on our surf trip to Bingin beach.

The drive

It took us about 50 minutes to arrive at Bingin Beach. Trip went fast in this company. Andy in the backseat who fell asleep before we even started. Millie, Marlon and our newest member in the family – our adopted dog Manis (a.k.a Beagle Smalls) in the middle, all stoked about the day ahead. Cpt Gabe and Dj Maximillian in the front navigating through the dense Bali traffic while talking about life.

Perfect lefthand barrels

Some of our resident friends were already there catching some beautiful looking waves. We watched them surf perfect left handers with a quick barrel section just after takeoff ending on shallow reef.  This wave is really something else, it didn’t take long until the rest of the crew paddled out to join the line up, surfing perfect left handers of the world famous surf break at Bingin.

While some were surfing, others grabbed massages from the local ladies, ate fruit bowls and chilled on the white sand beach listening to some good tunes. Either way, the whole vibe at Bingin Beach was magical that day.

Sunset at Bukit Peninsula

Sunset doing its thing and the guys were out for their second or maybe even third session chasing the last waves of the day. Meanwhile, the rest of us enjoyed the orange skyline from land, ate beach grilled corn cobs, played with Manis and laughing while the sun was disappearing in the ocean.

Before it got to dark, we took our boards and started the long and rough walk up the stone carved staircase to the car, still with big smiles on our faces. On the way back home we stopped at the most obvious place, Kat’s Kitchen – our favorite Thai food restaurant in Bali, for dinner. After some delicious food we continued home to fall straight into a good night sleep.

That’s how a Surf trip to Bingin is done.

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By: Millie Lindeblom
Film by: Andy Raberg