Yoga in Bali

Thinking of Bali there are two activities that spring to mind right away: Surfing and doing yoga in Bali. At Surflodge Limasan we are excited to offer both – surf and yoga classes – to our guests.

Earlier this year we had the pleasure to welcome Madeleine Daria Alizadeh as our inhouse yoga instructor and had had a little chat with this female powerhouse.

To find out more about her journey and to understand how yoga can help you become a stronger and better surfer, check out the interview below.

Daria teaching at Surflodge Limasan

Hey! Tell us a bit about yourself :)

Hi! I’m Maddie (@dariadaria on Instagram), 29 years young, Austrian with Persian roots and I’m a professional Instagrammer, Podcaster, Fashion Designer and Yogi.

What got you into yoga and how has it impacted your life?

I came across yoga over 10 years ago, when my brother gave me this “stretching video” (that’s how I called it) that I was supposed to do after my regular workouts or on restorative days. I hated it because I was so unflexible!

Then I came across it again 5 years later, actually understanding that it was yoga and not “just stretching”. I then started doing yoga with Youtube, after about two years I did my first studio lesson.

Yoga has impacted my life in so so so many ways: it has given me great health benefits, calms my mind, lets me meet amazing people – it lets me grow and ground.

Why did you pick Bali as the destination for your yoga training?

I didn’t pick Bali but I picked the teacher who happened to do her training in Bali (which made me really happy of course).

What kind of yoga classes do you teach and what are the benefits of each session?

I teach beginners classes and depending of the time of the day either a little more sun oriented, meaning that you get a little sweat on or moon oriented, meaning that it’s a more restorative class.

In all of my classes I have a big focus on meditation, the breath and reminding each student of going their own level, leaving their ego at the door. Music is very important to my classes.

We were lucky enough to have you stay with us for a couple of weeks and teach yoga in Bali. Why do yoga and surfing go so well together? How can yoga help you become a better surfer?

Yoga and surf are a match made in heaven! There’s a lot of similar movement and body areas, that are being used. So whatever you use in surfing, you’ll be very likely to have all of it stretched and strengthened in your yoga practice. Also both sports are about balance and the power of focus.

I think the mentality of surfers and yogis goes really well together (well, maybe yogis have a few less beers, haha).

Are you planning to come back and host another yoga yetreat in Bali (maybe at Limasan J) any time soon?

I definitely am! Surflodge Limasan has a special place in my heart and I want to come back asap.

Anything else you would like to share?

I’d like to extend my warmest greetings to Ghostface (the Limasan house cat), who I miss dearly every single day.

Are you curious about doing yoga in Bali? Check out our outstanding yoga package HERE!